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    Introduction (current page)
» A Short Tour of a Sun SPOT
»   The Ectoplasmic Bouncing Ball Demo
»   Loading and Running the Air Text Demo
»   Changing the Air Text Demo
» Basestation in Action

Sun SPOT Quick Start Tutorial


Welcome to the World of Sun™ Small Programmable Object Technology - Sun SPOT!

The fact that you can see this on your display means that you have successfully installed the Sun SPOT Software Development Kit (SDK) on your computer. Congratulations! We think that Sun SPOTs are some of the most exciting technology on the planet and we hope you will have a great time working with them.

The Sun SPOTs already have a demo loaded on them, the Ectoplasmic Bouncing Ball demo. These instructions will walk you through

  • learning the Sun SPOT parts and their functions
  • running the Ectoplasmic Bouncing Ball demo on your Sun SPOTs
  • loading and running the Air Text demo on your Sun SPOTs
  • modifying the Air Text demo and compiling, loading, and running the result
  • running a Java program on your workstation that connects with your Sun SPOTs

Let's start with a short tour of a Sun SPOT.

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