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Sun SPOT News

The very last Sun SPOT kits to ever be available are selling fast! 5 kits, 2 still factory sealed, are available for sale. Very limited time! Contact me for details and ordering!



Important Note:

Oracle has officlally stopped selling and supporting Sun SPOTs. The website has been turned off and no further developement or support of Sun SPOTs can be expected from Oracle. While this is unfortunate, it is not unexpected.


I have re-created the Sun SPOT World website here to preserve it and provide continued access to the SDKs and Sun SPOT Manager Tool. This site is in no way connected to, supported by, or in any other way assiiciated with Oracle.


The decommissioning of has had some unfortunate consequences, one of which is that Sun SPOT Manager can no longer connect for doing upgrades, installs, etc.


While the vast majority of Sun SPOT code is Open Source, the code for Sun SPOT Manager is not open source and therefore it cannot be updated to connect to this new mirror site. Further, Oracle refuses to relinquish the domain to me. If you'd like to lobby Oracle to change this, feel free to contact Charles Tanaka @ Oracle to lobby for Oracle to release the domain and/or the Sun SPOT Manager code to me.


In the meantime, you can download the last release of the Sun SPOT SDK as a jar file and then use Sun SPOT Manager to do a 'local' install.


Purchasing Sun SPOTs:

As noted above, Oracle has ceased manufacturing and selling Sun SPOTs. They are not going to produce any more of them, as far as I know. If you would like to purchase some of the last remaining Sun SPOT kits, please contact me. I currently have roughly 5 kits, still in boxes, some even still factory sealed, available for purchase.


Welcome to the Internet of Things
Today the internet is made of millions of computers, but the very nature of the network is changing. New types of devices are connecting to the net every day. Soon cars, medical devices and even toys will be streaming control and data to each other and the world. The number of these devices will overwhelm the number of computers. Already over 1.5 billion Java enabled cell phones communicate with each other on a regular basis. We foresee a day when trillions of such devices form and internet of things.

A Platform for Inspiration
Project Sun SPOT was created to encourage the development of new applications and devices. It is designed from the ground up to allow programmers who never before worked with embedded devices to think beyond the keyboard, mouse and screen and write programs that interact with each other, the environment and their users in completely new ways. A Java programmer can use standard Java development tools such as NetBeans to write code.

Wireless Sensor Networks and Beyond
Sun SPOTs are much more than just an embedded microprocessor that runs Java. We have put together a set of technologies that we hope will enable the internet of things.

  • Embedded Development Platform
    • Extremely flexible hardware and software package
  • Easy to program - Java top to bottom
    • Java Even Device Drivers are written in Java
  • Connected - Wireless Communication
    • Overlay Network - CTP, IPv6/LowPan
    • Mesh Networking - AODV, LQRP
    • Multi-hop Over the Air Programming
  • Mobile
    • Built in Lithium Ion battery charged through USB
  • Aware and Active
    • Able to sense and affect surroundings
  • Secure
    • Built-in high grade ECC public key cryptography

The Sun SPOT Java Development Kit is in use in schools and universities, research labs and hobbyist experiments around the world.

The Rest is up to YOU
We have PDAs, cell phones and MP3 players. Perhaps you can design the next personal consumer electronics device. Is it a wearable gesture recognition device or a swarm of interacting robotic toys? Maybe your company is having a problem shipping fragile products and you want to track what happens to them. Maybe you are a model rocket enthusiast who wants to stream data live from your rocket, Or maybe you just want to find out for certain whether or not the light goes out when you close the refrigerator door. Sun SPOTs provide a platform for all this and more. Applications are limited only by your imagination.