Please visit the Getting Started with Sun SPOTs web page for instructions on downloading and using the Sun SPOT Software Developer Kit (Sun SPOT SDK).

Frequently Asked Questions:

General FAQ html General questions about Sun SPOTs: what are they, how do I order them, what hardware/software do they use, etc.
Troubleshooting FAQ html Help troubleshooting problems with your Sun SPOT.

Release-Specific Documentation:



Tutorial html html html html html html
Sun SPOT Release Notes   pdf pdf html html html
Sun SPOT Owner's Manual pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
Sun SPOT Developer's Guide pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
Using the SPOT Emulator in SPOTWorld pdf pdf   pdf
Solarium User's Guide         pdf pdf
Sun SPOT Library APIs (javadoc) html html html html html html
Sun SPOT Host Library APIs (hostjavadoc) html html html html
Sun SPOT Theory of Operation pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
eSPOT Technical Datasheet (rev 8)           pdf
eDemo Technical Datasheet (rev 8)           pdf

Application Notes:

Using the Accelerometer pdf The Sun SPOT demo sensor board includes an accelerometer that can be used to measure the orientation or motion of the SPOT. This application note describes how to use and calibrate the accelerometer.
Using the AT91 Timer/Counter pdf The Sun SPOT processor board includes two AT91 Timer Counters that can be used in a variety of ways. This application note describes both how to use the AT91 Timer Counter to measure elapsed time and to perform a periodic task.
Remote Control Camera pdf

How to attach Servo Motors to a Sun SPOT to create a remote-controlled pan-and-tilt Web Camera including BaseStation webserver for web-based control.

I2C on the eDemo Board pdf How to attach I2C (I-squared-C) devices to the eDemoBoard. I2C interfaces are available in v5.0 (Red) and later releases of the Sun SPOT SDK.