Please visit the Getting Started with Sun SPOTs web page for instructions on downloading and using the Sun SPOT Software Developer Kit (Sun SPOT SDK).

Release-Specific Downloads

  • GridView.jar (116kB) - Several people using the Blue version of the SDK (v4.0) have reported problems displaying virtual SPOTs in Solarium after updating to Java version 1.6.0_12 on Windows or Linux systems. To correct this problem please download the updated version of the GridView.jar file that now works with Java 1.6.0_12 on Windows and Linux. You need to replace the old version in SDK_HOME/lib/SPOTWorld/views with the new one and then you should be able to create virtual (or real) SPOTs.
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  • (6.5kB) - If you'd like to use SunSPOT SDK version 3.0 (aka purple) with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), please replace the spotfinder binary (in SDK_HOME/bin) bundled with purple with the contents of this ZIP file. This version of the spotfinder has been integrated into the SPOT SDK version 4.0 (aka blue). Download Now
  • demosensorboardfirmware-blue.jar (22.7kB) - A number of people have reported a problem with the eDemoboard firmware getting corrupted on one of their SPOTs: The SPOT will print the error message "improper major revision of sensorboard firmware: 1 != xxx" on startup. If doing an upgrade did not fix things and you are running version 4.0 of the SDK (aka Blue), then please download the demosensorboardfirmware-blue.jar file, move it to the SDK upgrade folder (SDK_HOME/upgrade) and rename it to demosensorboardfirmware.jar, replacing the old version. Then do "ant upgrade" or upgrade the SPOT to Blue using SPOT Manager.    
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