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    Sun SPOTs on the Social Web


    Our 'tag' in the social medial space is 'spaughts' (we call that the Scottish spelling) in order to help differentiate us from the other sun spots (you know, those things on the large glowing orange/yellow ball in the sky most days). So we tag our content on the Social Web with spaughts (or #spaughts, depending on the convention) and we encourage you to do the same.


    We love videos showing all the projects you've done with Sun SPOTs, and we spotlight many of them on our YouTube feed. But we can't find them if you don't tag them! We ask that you tag any Sun SPOT related videos you post with the tag 'spaughts' so that our search will automatically pick them up (and post them to our feed!).



    Just like our YouTube feed, we have a Flickr Feed as well where we highligh pictures posted of Sun SPOTs and Sun SPOT projects. We have a growing tradition of people photographing their Sun SPOTs in unusual places, vacation spots, etc. (Where in the world is the Sun SPOT?) so fee free to take your Sun SPOT on holiday with you, and get a photograph of it showing where it has been. Again, make sure you tag your photos with the 'spaughts' tag so that we can easily find them and include them in our feed!



    If you use Facebook, please join our Sun SPOTs group! It's a growing group of Sun SPOT enthusiasts who are Facebook users. We'd love to 'see' you there too!


    While the Sun SPOT SDK ships with a Twitter API demo example, we also use Twitter to keep you up to date on the latest happenings You can follow our updates here, and we'll follow back! Also, please tag your Sun SPOT related posts with the hashtag #spaughts so that we can find them easily!