Quick Start Tutorial

> Welcome & Introduction
» A Short Tour of a Sun SPOT
» The Ectoplasmic Bouncing Ball
» Loading & Running Air Text
» Changing the Air Text Demo
» Basestation in Action
» Send-Data & HTTP Demos

Sun SPOT Quick Start Tutorial

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the World of Sun™ Small Programmable Object Technology - Sun SPOT!

Congratulations! We think that Sun SPOTs are some of the most exciting technology on the planet and we hope you will have a great time working with them.

The Sun SPOT SDK inlcudes several demo applications designed to highlight the capabilities of these devices. This tutorial will walk you through

  • learning the Sun SPOT parts and their functions
  • running the Ectoplasmic Bouncing Ball demo on your Sun SPOTs
  • loading and running the Air Text demo on your Sun SPOTs
  • modifying the Air Text demo and compiling, loading, and running the result
  • running a Java program on your workstation that connects with your Sun SPOTs

Let's start with a short tour of a Sun SPOT.

A Short Tour of a Sun SPOT »