> Welcome and Introduction
» Running the Sun SPOT Emulator
» Manipulating the Sensor Panel
» Programming with NetBeans
» Using Radio in the Emulator
» Interacting with Physical Sun SPOTs
» Send-Data Demo and HTTP Demos

Sun SPOT Emulator Tutorial

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the Sun SPOT Emulator!

The Sun SPOT software includes an emulator capable of running Sun SPOT software just the way the physical Sun SPOT does – either for testing or when a real Sun SPOT is not available.

Virtual Sun SPOTs appear in a graphical window that depicts their sensor panel, controls, and outer casing. Programs running on a virtual Sun SPOT can do almost anything a physical Sun SPOT can do, including:

  • change LED color and illumination
  • set digital pin output levels
  • receive and send messages by radio (network emulated)
  • sense the emulated light level and temperature
  • sense emulated acceleration
  • sense pushing of emulated switch buttons and the reset button
  • sense emulated digital pin input levels and analog input voltages

Using your mouse, you can control the emulated environment sensed by the virtual Sun SPOT.

Running the Sun SPOT Emulator »